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Read on! Read Jordan Smith's entire article "The junk science cops use Eyes for lies blog decide you're lying" at the link below. Because it is rather lengthy I will only give you a taste. The rest is up to you! It might seem reassuring that so many law enforcement officers found a skills training so valuable. But not in this case. The BlueLeaks documents contain numerous flyers for trainings offered to police agencies across the country. The documents offer a window into how various training methods perpetuate myths — subjective, hunch-based approaches to Eyes for lies blog human behavior that are unreliable and have been discredited by leading psychologists — that police are then encouraged to use in crime solving.

The entire story can be read at:. Keep your eye on the Charles Smith Blog for reports on developments. The Toronto Star, my employer for more than twenty incredible years, has put considerable effort into exposing the harm caused by Dr. Charles Smith and his protectors - and into pushing for reform of Ontario's forensic pediatric pathology system. The Star has a "topic" section which focuses on recent stories related to Dr.

Charles Smith. FINAL WORD: Applicable to all of our wrongful conviction cases : "Whenever there is a wrongful conviction, it exposes errors in our criminal legal system, and we hope that this case — and lessons from it — can prevent future injustices. Lawyer Radha Natarajan:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Follow by. Blog Nation Badge. The Charles smith blog. Eddie Lee Howard: Mississippi: Valuable perspectiv Robert DuBoise: Florida" Junk bite mark 'science' Reid Technique: Junk Science; Course promoted by t Bulletin: Robert DuBoise: Florida.

Tampa Bay Time Rise of the child abuse paediatricians: The Marsh Pervis Payne: Tennessee: Reporter for newspaper in Steven Avery; Brendan Dassey; Forensic and false Davontae Sanford: Michigan: False confession case Kathleen Kolbigg: Australia: ificant Developme Anthony Di Pippo: New York. Witness intimidation Cathy Woods: Nevada: False confession case : Ex Tonia Miller; Shaken baby syndrome case : Update Chelsea Becker: California: Criminalizing Reproduc Tonia Miller: Michigan: Shaken baby syndrome : M Robert Morris Levy: The pathologist convicted of m Ronnie Long: North Carolina: Link to petition bel Robert O'Block: Author and forensic institute fo Book Review: 'Smoke but no fire: Convicting the In Ronnie Long: North Carolina: Case of the missing r Technology: Facial recognition and fakery: 'The C Since then it has taken new directions, including examinations of other flawed pathologists, flawed pathology, and flawed science and technology which has marred the quality of justice in courtrooms around the world.

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