Ex best friend dating ex boyfriend

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I need you to be honest with me on this. My best friend, or ex-best friend now, is getting super close to my ex-boyfriend. When I tried to talk to her about it, she decided that a friendship with my ex was more important than her friendship with me so she left me with no other choice than to distance myself from her. It just bothered me more when she decided to end our friendship to stay friends with my ex. Hey sis, The honest truth is that your ex-boyfriend and your ex-best friend have one thing clearly in common. He has definitely moved on but unfortunately with your best friend. You have to question if she was ever your best friend.

Especially given that she never talked to you about her relationship with your ex and when you approached her about it, she chose him over your friendship. The fact that she has him as her wallpaper is a clear that they are more than friends. They have both shown you who they really are and it is up to you to believe them. As much as it may hurt, it is time to let go and move on. Sometimes it is easy to get stuck emotionally in old relationships. I recommend that you seek individual therapy to process your feelings and move on.

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Ex best friend dating ex boyfriend

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