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After dating for two years, it was clear to me that Kelly was incredibly good at getting what she wanted. With her father, it meant that she never really grew up. She could still get him to write checks by crawling into his lap and kissing him on the cheek. She laughed whenever I brought it up saying he just liked to spoil her and besides where was the harm? It took me longer to see how it worked with other people, but even then it was something I admired about her.

Kelly made use Erotica for my wife every advantage she had, and it worked for her. Her friends followed her lead, her boss bent over backward to make sure she was happy, and then, of course, there was me. I treated her like a princess, and it worked for both of us.

I loved to see her smile, and I was willing to do most anything to make sure she got what she wanted. She was a twenty-year-old college student when we met, and the fact that she wanted to spend time with a thirty-five-year-old marketing director was all I needed. I started taking her to the best restaurants in New York and within weeks we were seeing each other almost every day. I took her to shows and concerts, we walked the galleries in Chelsea, and at night she climbed into bed with me, and we fucked until the sun came up.

She was blonde and petite with an appetite that was big as it was new. At first, it was easy. She was almost always willing, and I found new ways to keep us going all the time. I tied her up with my belt and took her over my knee for spankings. She loved to struggle and play the brat, and the longer we spent together the more fun we had. In the first month we went through more boxes of condoms than I thought possible, and still, it was never enough.

We licked, sucked, and fucked our way through her last year of college, and when she finally graduated, moved in with me, and said yes when I got down one knee, I was the happiest man in the world. She was perfect, she loved me, and I was so in love with her too that none of it mattered at all. They could be as jealous as they wanted, but the fact was, I had an amazing wife who still wanted to fuck my brains out at least three or four times a week. Throughout our entire relationship, we were safe. It had been the same with her boyfriends, but once we finally tied the knot, I did start to Erotica for my wife a little crazy.

Every time I brought it up, she made an excuse of some sort, and before I knew what was Erotica for my wife she had changed the subject without it ever moving at all. It was a quirk, but I wonder if part of me knew it was a warning as well. I wonder if, even then, a small part of me knew. Six months after the wedding we hit a slow period in our sex life.

We had climbed into bed with a bottle of wine and a movie, and it was clear nothing was going to happen. Maybe we need to spice it up. I could tie you up again. She finally put the remote down and took a long sip of her wine. There has to be something that sounds hot to you. That sounds kind of hot. But also like too much work, and way too complicated. This was working out just as I had hoped. The look she gave me was familiar. It was the look she gave her father when she wanted something, and it was the look she gave her best friend when she was done arguing.

It was a challenge, a joke, and a demand all wrapped up in one. I just wanted clarification is all. Trust me. I just got a picture of you watching me and it turned me on for a second. Something that excited me? So, what would you be doing while I watched? She leaned in until she was just inches from my face and stared into my eyes. Kneeling over you, making you watch me. She was in a pair of panties and a tank top, and her nipples were already hard and showing through the shirt.

Leaning over me, sliding my panties down as you watch. Would that make you nervous? Without a word I pulled her down to me and kissed her. I rolled her onto her back seconds later and was just about to thrust inside her when she put a hand on my chest. I stared at her blankly until she nodded at the bedside table. You totally spoiled the moment. Are you serious? I was just about to fuck you so hard, and you had to stop me.

Was the guy in your little fantasy wearing a condom? I held her and kissed her hair, and while she eventually calmed down, she made me promise never to bring it up again. I poured her another glass of wine, and finally, we sat back up and turned on the movie. I tried not to sigh too loudly as I thought about how close we had come. For just a moment we had been there, and now it was lost once more.

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