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The song reveals the backstory of Jessiea toy cowgirl, as she reflects upon her defunct relationship with her original owner, by whom she was outgrown. Heard in the film during a flashback sequence, the filmmakers decided to incorporate a song into the montage during which Jessie details her backstory to Woody after multiple attempts to show the character relaying her experience verbally proved unsuccessful.

Newman initially felt that the song was inappropriate, doubting that young children would be interested in it; he changed his mind after screen tests showed optimistic. The song was offered to McLachlan after Newman and the filmmakers agreed that the ballad was more appropriate for a female artist.

Despite some hesitation from her management, McLachlan greatly enjoyed the ballad and agreed Does she love me song record it upon hearing Newman's demofinding herself drawn towards its melancholy nature. Musically, "When She Loved Me" is an emotional pop ballad backed by simple piano accompaniment. Various interpretations of the song's lyrics and themes have been offered; while written primarily about the pain felt upon losing a platonic friend, "When She Loved Me" has also been interpreted as a love songwhile some music journalists consider the track to be a metaphor for children inevitably growing up and becoming independent from their parents.

The song has been covered by several artists, including Steve TyrellBridgit Mendler and the musical group Steps. Beginning with Toy Storydirector John Lasseter had long decided that Pixar films would not be musicals in which the characters spontaneously perform songs, but agreed that musician Randy Newman would write original songs about certain "moment[s] in Does she love me song story", most of which he would sing himself.

She has a different kind of contraltoor whatever the hell she has. It's a voice that can hold notes, so I can write with that in mind. Still a relatively new artist at the time, [13] McLachlan claims that, when she was first sent the song, her management warned her that she might not like it. Serving as a "haunting soundtrack to Jesse's[sic] tale of abandonment", [18] "When She Loved Me" is Toy Story 2 's main song[19] and plays during a montage featuring images of Jessie and Emily, [20] her former owner. Earlier in the film, Woody is stolen from a yard sale by Al McWhiggina toy collector, [28] [29] in order to complete his collection of vintage Woody's Roundup toys.

Slant Magazine 's Aaron Cutler identified "When She Loved Me" as one of the "few moments of melancholia" amidst an otherwise "sweet and light" film. We all leave our childish things behind. Kim of Hollywood. The term " heartbreaking " is often used to describe the song; [22] [67] [68] [69] [70] Arkansas Online deemed the track "bittersweet". Still I waited for the day when she'd say I will always love you.

Hischak, author of The Disney Song Encyclopediawrote that "When she Loved Me" is a "heart-tugging torch song " about losing a friend as opposed to losing a romantic interest. The Los Angeles Times film critic Michael Mallory wrote that "only the stoniest of viewers will remain unaffected by [this] show-stopping moment". Nelson Reinsch of PopMatters wrote that the scene "starts out saccharine but becomes truly beautiful in its kitschy truth regarding the inexorable passage of childhood. Clubjoked that "There are two kinds of people: People who weep during the 'When She Loved Me' montage, and people who lie about it.

Actress and singer Bridgit Mendler covered the song for the compilation album Disneymania 7[] to which Walt Disney Records had personality invited her to contribute. While Jeremy Williams-Chalmers of The Yorkshire Times praised the "unquestionable dexterity" of the three female singers' vocals, he found that the track "hardly fits with either the group's ature sound or the album's implicit Christmas joviality.

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Does she love me song

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