Do shy guys like shy girls

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Are you the kind of person who would much rather sit back and let people approach you instead of going to them? Being shy and just living life in your bubble can be quite comforting. You get to choose who spend your energy on and when. Even when they want to be in a relationship, they fear their shyness getting in the way of that and wonder whether guys even be interested in them or not.

In short, yes. While on one hand, some might prefer partners with a loud and vibrant presence, others prefer to date people whose energy is more reserved and lowkey. However, at the end of the day, what really draws people in is whatever lies under the surface. A lot of guys who are interested in shy girls are drawn in by the mysteriousness. However, if you play your cards right, they just might engage you in conversation just enough to make curious about them.

Because of this, they are also great listeners. This makes people feel heard and important in their presence and guys will obviously be attracted to someone who makes them feel like that. Introverted people are far from being open books and will take their time to open up to you. They are also very selective about the people they choose to open up to. Rather than just choosing to stay silent. At the end of the day, first impressions only go so far, and all the genuine people always like you for your personality So as shy people, remember to be true to yourselves.

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Do shy guys like shy girls

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Do Guys like Shy Girls? – Answered