Difference between crack and freebase

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There are several methods by which people can use cocaine. Even though cocaine is most commonly snorted in its hydrochloride salt form, it can be swallowed as well as injected or consumed with alcohol. A narrow line of the power is placed on a smooth surface and the user quickly sniffs it into one nostril through a tube such as a rolled pound note or straw, or by using a specially deed spoon or other paraphernalia. Generally, this snorting is repeated within a few seconds using the other nostril.

Cocaine in its powder state has a high melting point and cannot be smoked. Freebase cocaine is the result of the conversion of powder cocaine to cocaine sulphate. This new state makes the drug nearly per cent pure. For this reason, the drug now has a low melting point and is no longer water soluble, thus enabling it to be smoked. Crack cocaine is another form of cocaine and is the most lethal of all. This rock is then broken into small pieces and sold in vials, and is the easiest form of cocaine to smoke.

Crack cocaine addiction is no joke.

Difference between crack and freebase

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Crack cocaine and cocaine hydrochloride. Are the differences myth or reality?