Dating senior year

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All the essentials you need to have a successful semester have become apart of your routine, but if you happen to be in your senior year of college, then your routine might be a little more stressful. You could easily party the night away and still successfully write a paper two hours before class started. Dating during underclassmen years proved to be a beautiful, exciting, and easy journey. But when you reach senior year of college, the relationships you start or consider starting require a lot more effort.

If you truly love someone and have been with them for some time, then I can see how it would be slightly unrealistic to just break up and move on with your life. As a senior in college anxious to finally graduate in summer with my B. I recently was in a situation with someone that I considered embarking on a relationship with. We spent almost every single day together, and in the midst of our time together, I came to a few conclusions regarding dating in your last year of college.

Yes, you may meet someone and be madly intrigued by them, but you also have to take into what is going to happen Dating senior year college ends. In my situation, the person I was dating was still attending community college. He knew in fall that he would be still at community college hopefully nearing the completion of his A.

I have a lot of things to figure out in regards to life after college. As long as your honest about what you want and the direction you want to take things or not take things, then you can work on doing what is best for both of you, and especially what is best for you as a senior in college.

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Dating senior year

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Dating in your senior year: What happens next?