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Share This. Thread Tools. Feb Dating crown graphic, 1. Good morning, all; I encountered the question of the age of my own Speed Graphic soon after it arrived and I saw the serial stamped in the metal on the inside of the top. It turns out that it is really not possible to come up with a specific date of production for an individual Speed Graphic or Crown Graphic or Pacemaker.

Spending some time in communication with Fred Lustig in Reno, Nevada, has shown the limits of just how close we can come. There are two ways of learning probably at least the year that your Graphic was made. The records that still exist from the Folmer-Graflex Corporation from that time period only show the date when a specific range of camera serial s was "authorized" or "approved" for production.

The actual production date should be after that date, and probably before the date of the "approval" of the next range of serial s "authorized. They had to make only the quantity they had parts for completing the assemblies. Yes, "rationing" affected the photographic industry also, unless you were thought to be "essential to the war effort.

I will keep looking. For the cameras made in the time from up to when the Singer Corporation took over Yes, the sewing machine guys. They were into all kinds of things, including making a very nice TTL IC chip based controller for running traffic als. The URL address for that is shown below. There is also a code found in the lens serial for a Kodak lens that was originally fitted to the Graphic that will show at least the year that the Kodak lens was made, and, if the lens is still on the camera, it should be fairly close to the time of the final assembly of your Graphic.

For a long time, they were both made in Rochester, New York, so the transportation time to get from the EKCo plant to the site of the Folmer-Graflex Corporation facility should have been no more than a couple of hours of driving even in traffic. Org web site has an abundance of information about the Graflex cameras. Enjoy; Ralph Latte Land, Washington. Feb 25, 2. When was my Graphic made? Before I was born.

Feb 26, 3. I printed it for future reference. Feb 27, 4. Thank you, Brian; Yes, sir, that is the list. Now I also have a printed copy here for my own reference. I wonder about permission to post a copy of it where others can find it conveniently also. Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington. Feb 28, 5. Glad to help. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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Dating crown graphic

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Identifying a Speed Graphic Model