Dating after cheating

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You or someone you know may have gone through the stages of being cheated on, divorced, and single again. You went through the roller-coaster ride of post-infidelity stress disorder and the additional turmoil of divorce. Here are five tips to get you back in the dating world and trusting again after being cheated on. Know that others who have been cheated on went through the same mistrust and fear of dating, and they eventually found happiness.

To put you more at ease, you can research your potential date or new romantic partner on sites that reveal cheaters like WomanSaver. When you find a new partner, create boundaries and rules together. For instance, you may both decide to share cell-phone passwords, or agree not to call each other at certain times on workdays due to the nature of the business.

Talking about your thoughts and fears is essential to the success of your new relationship. Your new partner is innocent until proven guilty, and being wrongfully accused of cheating over and over will eventually drive most people away — or at least put a strain on the relationship. Many infidelity survivors say they were never the same after being cheated on — it follows them forever. If your new partner was betrayed in the past, then they may be less likely to cheat because they know how much being on the receiving end hurts.

The good news is that most infidelity survivors eventually find love again, and these tips should help you in your search. Gary Spivak is the founder of FidelityDatinga dating site for infidelity survivors. Related Content. Add A Comment Cancel reply. Follow Us on Social Dating after cheating. Open toolbar.

Dating after cheating

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How to Trust Again After You've Been Cheated On