Crazy hot sex stories

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The people involved in these crazy sex stories are completely anonymous. I searched the darkest depths of my contacts to find the best sexual faux pas, and it did not disappoint. If your sex life is kooky, just wait till you get to the bottom of this list. I bump into him at the town Christmas parade and we decide to go out for a few drinks. He decides he wants to pick me up. So he grabs me by the thighs and heaves to me up. My back knocks into the dresser as I fall to the floor, tits flailing, and god knows how many concussions are happening right now. He rushed over to help me up — but his version of a smooth recovery was to pick me up and throw me back on the bed.

I went straight into the other wall. I still have a kink in my spine to this day. Afterward, when I went to the bathroom to pee, I heard him freaking out in the bedroom. We took all the blankets and sheets off the bed, and then it dawns on me…I had the condom. I started losing my shit.

He tried to help get it out with his hands, but it was beyond reach. We ended up going to the ER. I straddled his lap and we started to make out. What made it perfect was I could watch the entire movie upside down. I went to meet him one night when he was cleaning up and everyone was gone, and we started to get into it in the church.

When I looked at what he was staring at behind me, it was one of the elderly ladies of the church. I totally forgot she would drop cans off every night for the homeless drive. She was staring up at the sky wondering where the voice had come from. I was terrified. Then he told me she wore glasses, so we were okay. We kept going after that. I just moved to a new town for college when I met this cute biker dude.

My dorm room was full of sorority girls at the time, and there was no way I could sneak a guy past the RA. So he met me behind the public library at night for a quickie. I looked over and saw a homeless dude sitting in the bushes. He had to have watched us the whole time. I was mortified. He thought it was hilarious. This guy was a total dreamboat. We had been dating for about three or four months and had just started having sex. It was still new for us. One day we were making out at the ranch, and I asked if he wanted to try anal.

As a last resort, we grabbed the horsehair conditioner from the grooming closet and used that instead. It actually felt terrific! My boyfriend and I were Crazy hot sex stories the mall and heading to the parking garage. He drove a totally generic silver Toyota, nothing special about it. The garage was dark, so I figured we were safe enough. I gave him a quick blowjob behind the car. It was HOT. It might as well have been a nun with the way she was staring at us. We had flirted on and off, but I never got my chance to make a move.

One night I had to drive back to work because I forgot my phone under my desk. When I got there, he was just locking up. It was perfect. He locked the door and we banged on my chair like an actual porno. I quit a few months later, but I still remember that night and feel pretty good about myself. I told him my fire alarm had Crazy hot sex stories gone off Crazy hot sex stories home and I had to go.

I just remember walking in on the kinkiest sex scene of my life. It sounded like someone was in pain. I wandered over to the door and opened it to see not only my pastor in there — BUTT naked — but a married couple I knew from church! They had a bunch of weird objects on the desk like riding crop, a bucket of ice cubes, and a fresh gallon of milk. To this day, I still wonder what the milk was for. Right when we got his pants off, the boat tipped over. We went home looking like two soggy idiots and I got a UTI from the lake water.

My friend Nick, who I never paid much attention to before, showed up as a sexy Black Beard. Halfway through the night when everyone is good and drunk, one of my girlfriends throws up in the bathroom. I instantly offer to clean up because I felt so bad for how drunk she was.

I head to the bathroom by myself but I hear Nick tagging along. He comes in, locks the door, and starts making out with me. We totally banged in that gross bathroom, fake beard and all. It the best, most disgusting sex ever. I'm a writer and intern for the blog site society I cover topics like current trends, horoscope advice, and why Command Hooks are the best home invention on the planet sponsor me, Command!

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Crazy hot sex stories

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