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Clover is the fastest way to meet new people on your iPhone. Table of Contents : 1. Reviews 2. Is it Safe? Is it Legit? App not working? Report Issue. I first saw this app with a handful bad reviews but also a large handful of good reviews talking. This app is horrendous. Disgusting, and reported. I have been apart of this dating seen now for 18 months I have been on all of the sites. These sites are all about making money with fake profiles. As soon as you create a not a membership you get hit with all these likes that are blurred out. Just like other sites they do this to get you to pay for a membership.

And after you pay for the membership not only have I not had any more likes the ladies I swipe right on and sent a message to never come online. As this site does along with the other more popular sites they send fake profiles into your que but they never respond to your messages. This app is so far from anything that resembles a dating app. Some guy on there sent me video of himself in the bathtub playing with himself. I reported him and they did nothing. They also did nothing about people posting various types of almost naked pictures in chat rooms and on their profiles.

The overall look of the people on there is very trashy and unattractive. Happy to no longer be a user. Tinder and Bumble are definitely way better!! The best free dating app If you have a profile and a paying member likes it, you can chat. So guys who want to spend that much on a dating app and a few hot young girls who had all the guys blowing up their inbox with offers before are unaffected and the rest of us get the shaft. It sounds like Clover sold its soul for greed. This app used to be decent where you could message for free if you both matched, then you could request a date too.

I switched phones and had to make a second. I thought I could try the free seven day trial again, turns out, since I have the same Apple ID that was not the case. It asked if I wanted to do the free seven day trial and I hit yes, then it automatically subscribed me to the monthly membership with the thirty dollar fee. First things first, I only gave five stars so I could write a review.

The majority of users I e noticed do not have an actual profile with anything in the about me section. Also, I had to give this app 5 stars to improve my karma, whatever that means. Could definitely be better! I think this app is all around great!

There is one big problem though - premium. No way. That is ridiculous pricing! Netflix is what? Like 8 bucks? And the pictures are super zoomed in, you have to tap them and enlarge them to view them the right way which is inconvenient as hell. So, fix the price, fix the pics, 5 Star app. You need a Snapchat in order to make this work. There is a work around however. There is a dedicated section on your profile where you can post links to your other Social Media s like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Now you at least have a chance to message someone free of charge The app has been updated in March of and is basically unusable now. The UI de has been getting worse with wasted space, bad layouts, and circular photos. But the most recent changes have made it worthless. You can no longer view your matches or who has liked you.

I've been on the app for over a year and I have had almost zero response from any women. Only a small handful of profiles are actually active. It's pretty much a ghost town. Of the profiles that are active, none of them respond to likes with a match. They either ignore you or block you. The premium features are not worth the extreme price they are asking for.

They are just bleeding desperate people for money. On the plus side, the app doesn't require Facebook like every other dating app out there. This app is trash and could be better theirs just too many fake s,alot of people are selling Premium snapchats for people who don't know what that is its where people men or woman have sex on camera basically a pay to watch for an individual and they advertise here on this app pretending to be interested in people basically the new catfishing and or are bots also the Clover reviews dating are a mess since I've downloaded this app I have had one Notification with the one and do not know how to get rid of it.

This app has the potential to be great with its mechanics with going back when you accidently swipe left which Granted Tinder has but the catch is you have to pay and here you don't so I like that aspect as well as the groups and everything. But until they fix all those issues it won't be as well polished as other dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. It does what is intended but filled with bots and people phishing.

The app is a dating app where people can talk with each other and potentially met up. From my experience though, I get liked by so many bot s telling me to them it is not funny I logged on today to four of them. These are phishing s as well telling you to them. When they you back and you open the. It will most likely put a virus on your device where the was opened and your information sold on the internet as well I mean think about it, do you really think you are going to get four people in one day saying they all want to have hook ups.

I especially want to fore warn many the most popular scam on this website seems to be the Military scam. Look away ladies they are Nigerian scammers. And even those which may look legit sometimes are Clover reviews dating Nigerians trying to phish for your personal information. Keep an eye for the poor English grammar spelling errors not just small typos. And above all they use these common pet names : Clover reviews dating, lovesweetie and dear very freely and immediately. And they will rerun with new pictures however the will have a new name so just keep an eye out.

Used to be great, but now its ruined. I used to love this app, but after the new updates they absolutely ruined it. Also not enough info or ability to write a fully filled out bio due to the ridiculously small word count cap. All in all this app had great potential with all the mixers and groups that bring people with similar interests together, but ultimately was ruined by the stupid developers money grab updates to force you to pay to actually talk to anyone I remember years back you were able to request dates to anyone on here.

Unfortunately, now you have to pay for that feature. All the standard features that should be free are only available Clover reviews dating the premium membership. Point being, stay away from this app! Clover Dating App is very safe to use.

This is based on our NLP Natural language processing analysis of overUser Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4. Clover Dating App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running overClover Dating App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to Clover reviews dating if users believe the app is legitimate or not.

Clover Dating App works most of the time.

Clover reviews dating

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