Christian singles registry

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Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc. Post Reply. He put an ad on Drudge Report. His agency is called "Christian Singles Registry". I am putting this in the Philippines section because he said in an interview that his wife is from the Philippines, so I am guessing that is where he is getting his women from. The site has an interesting video interview of him by Dick Clark. He does pretty good in the interview with a female audience.

Larry McEntire - he explains his story here. He was divorced by two American women. Meet Lo of Foreign Women in Person! Meet Foreign Women Now! Contact MarkDY. Yahoo Messenger. Many con-men including most of the TV preachers on TBN know if they play the religion card, many people will let their guard now.

Just because the word Christian appears it the business' name, does not translate into good business practices. Most Filipinas are Christians. You don't need a "Christian" business to meet them. Contact Winston. Quote Post by Winston » September 25th,am Holy cow. Larry McEntire just contacted me about advertising on this site, and when I did a search for his name in the search field at the top, this thread came up. I didn't know we already had a thread about him.

I never heard of him before and didn't know about that NBC interview with Dick Clark about foreign brides. It was great. He had a lot of guts to go on there with American women in the audience. Hats off to him. You all should see it above. my Dating Site to meet thousands of legit foreign girls at low cost! Contact xiongmao. Quote Post by xiongmao » September 25th,am I never heard of his site.

The one you mailed me has c on it, and looks like it was deed back then! Still, the World's never gonna run out of fed up American guys who want something better for their lives. I was Happier Abroad for a while but Covid killed that off. Fed up with being foreveralone. Check out my comprehensive directory of dating sites. Love Chinese girls? Read my complete guide to Chinese dating. Quote Post by Winston » September 26th,am In the NBC discussion, when that narrow guy in red said "Aren't women and relationships the same everywhere?

Isn't it Christian singles registry individual difference? For example, the divorce rate in the US is percent, while in most other countries it's much lower. That is an example of a group or national difference. So yes, individual differences exist and so do group and national differences. It would have blown those guys away. Similar Topics. Last post by zacb « March 30th,am Posted in General Discussions.

Christian singles registry

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