Choosing career over love

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I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where I was taught since childhood that I could really have it all. Happy marriage? You've got it! Successful career in the arts? If you set your mind to it, duh! No dream was too big, and there was definitely no such thing as having too many dreams. Unfortunately, as I've gotten older, I've learned that life isn't quite so simple.

Often times, people on the brink of "having it all" face choosing between love and your career. In a recent Reddit thread, women revealed their own experiences with having to choose between love and their careers. And let's just say, their struggles are all too relatable. Whether or not they felt the decision worked out in the end varied from person to person.

But in the end, they chose what they felt was best for them at the time, which is the most important takeaway. A word of advice? There is no right or wrong in this situation. Do what's right for you and have faith in your own gut instincts.

By Candice Jalili. She chose love, but she misses her financial independence. I got engaged my senior year of college, and knew that accepting meant basically giving up my plans to be a professor. My guy was in the military, and If I were going to be serious about wanting to be a professor, I should go to the best grad schools I could get into, and when it comes to jobs, you kind of go where the job is offered. So I ended up basically giving that up. How'd Choosing career over love go? Not all that well.

I basically became financially dependent, a trailing spouse. Didn't really find another career, just a long series of not-much-better than entry level jobs wherever his career took us. I did pick up a few graduate degrees along the way, but they were almost more of a way to get into a staff job at the university than a strategic career move.

He and I divorced after 19 years of marriage. At that point, he had a six-figure income as a military officer with a that showed steadily increasing levels of responsibility and success; I had a couple of random graduate degrees and no income at all. That was 6 years ago. I've managed to put together a career for myself as a project manager since then, but I regret willingly giving up my financial independence for the relationship, even if that was pretty much required for us to marry.

It's not something I'd advise others to do. Yes, made this decision an eternity ago when I was about Choosing career over love Long-term college boyfriend wanted to stay in the suburbs of Of all places. Meanwhile, I got a full ride to grad school in DC. It was the best decision I have made in my entire life. Don't let anyone hold you back. It's usually not worth it. Search Close.

Choosing career over love

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Move for a Job, or Stay for Love? How to Choose and Not Regret It