Choking sex fetish

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October 04, Erotic asphyxiation is the practice of intentionally restricting the flow of oxygen to the brain, for the purposes of heightening sexual arousal. Most of us know this as choking. Many of us can attest to our first encounter with choking as a moment that was equal parts scary as shit and arousing.

However, anyone can derive pleasure from being the choker or the chokee, and vice versa, whether or not they admit to it. There are levels to choking—all of which require caution and consent—as it is a form of both edge and breath play. The breath part of it goes without saying, but choking also functions as a form of edge play because of Choking sex fetish anticipation of harm that could hypothetically result from engaging in it. But no amount of fucking is worth the potentially irreversible consequences of a lack of caution and care during play.

Before you incorporate choking into sex, sit down with your partner and assess the risks. Ideally, these check-ins should occur on a regular basis. When safety and comfort are prioritized, breath play can really become a thrilling experience. But please remember not to spring choking on people during sex—talk about it beforehand!

If you plan on exploring choking and other forms of Choking sex fetish play, keep the following in mind:. For choking specifically, consider clear hand gestures that can be used to halt the action at any point. You can also achieve sexual euphoria via other forms of power exchange, like having your wrists handcuffed or pinned down. One online resource that can be particularly helpful is FetLife. Tiffany Lashai Curtis is a freelance writer, sex positivist, and graduate student currently pursuing a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. You can find her on Instagram and Twittertalking about her sex life and everyone else's.

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So, yeah, go wild.

Choking sex fetish

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