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Very friendly and knowledgeable sales team! We spoke about all the options for purchasing and left feeling like we were equipped with the right information to think through our buying decision. We will be back. I feel fortunate to own this car. I like to buy new vehicles, but a new Audi was out of my budget. However, I am happy with my used Audi. Great customer services, tons of choices. Find what fits for you.

Purchased this auto 3 weeks ago using cars. The vehicle is very well made. GM has really upped their game on Cadillac interiors. This one has the optional upgraded leather interior and is beautiful. The CUE Chicago il used cars is easy to use. Acceleration is smooth, quick, and effortless. Handling is excellent.

Ride is firm and still comfortable. If you are looking for a car in the 3 series or C class, you owe it to yourself to at least check out this car. Very flexible regarding a test drive and really looking for a solution to make a deal. Anytime again Thanks, Carlos! Certified select motors.

Amazing, all the different makes grouped in 's together, someone got a job on, keeping them all clean! I was very impressed with the customer service and competitive prices these guys had to offer. Extremely satisfied with my purchase. They don't play games, just straight to the point. Cute styling, handles great. Great gas mileage. Comfortable to drive. This car will last me the rest of my life.

I love my Little Blue. We checked out several used minivans online and found the perfect low mile minivan at McGrath. We took the vehicle for a long test drive on City Streets and to an area where we could get to higher speeds. It was just what we wanted. All the elements we were looking for. Pedro was very patient, especially when I had trouble lifting the freeze on my credit report. He also found the second key, which we thought was missing. All told, we were happy to find the right car for us. The X6M was a great car The Mi also has great features and plenty fast for me This is my 3rd Beemer Always a great experience with Continental Honda!!!

Timely, knowledgeable, friendly! I just got my 4th car from them and had another great experience with Rudy and Mike! Very nice ride and impressed so far. We drove it on a short trip last weekend and overall we were very pleased. I have bought 20 plus cars at 10 plus car dealerships in my life and I will only go back to Larry Roesch. The salesman I would heavily recommend would be Kyle Bromm. Dealing with him was easy, fair, and an enjoyable experience every time.

I have bought 4 trucks from Kyle and will only call on him for my future needs as should you. Excellent car in all respects this car has turbo charger what away this is beautiful and style handling has all the goodies you cannot beat thi this gives Chicago il used cars a sporty car with all the comfort and all the goodies this is by far one of the best That I have on.

Aleks in sales took great care in making our experience selecting a used coupe a special one! He was ready and willing to do back-to-back comparison and test drives of each car we were considering. Aleks also has a deep knowledge in the features and specs of each model. It really is a treat working with a true car guy who loves his job! Seriously, work with Aleks if you are in the market for any type of European vehicle, he knows all of the marques inside and out.

When we had the car picked out, sales manager Steve and finance manager Gene were helpful and professional, as well as being willing to put in as much time as needed to get things done. We love our new car and thank the team here for their help in making it happen.

It's a blessing to get to do business with nice people and leave in a beautiful vehicle. This car has it all. Luxury, sportiness, comfort and economical. Beautiful lines and great interior. Back up camera could be a little better but over all really happy with my purchase. I buy a lot of cars and never have had such a great experience. Process was easyreceived a quickfair trade in offer and the buy side the pricing was better than the others. Comfort, power, space, looks - the Infiniti GX80 has it all for my family. We needed space and we got it.

Infiniti added style and comfort. I'm very happy with this vehicle - both on the highway and around town. Leased my first vehicle ever. This was by far the best dealership experience I ever experienced. Alex Tanasa is Chicago il used cars very knowledgeable and pleasant salesman to work with. I've lost count of how many BMWs I've owned, and will never drive anything else. Ride, comfort, experience, feel, quality, workmanship, amazing engineering, quiet, They are precision instruments and a joy to drive, even to just the store and back.

Others included i, M3, Mi. All equally unbelievable. I am excited about the new purchase and love the drive. The interior is awesome the dark brown and peanut butter color interior and white exterior. Had a great experience with this dealership and Al Mirkiani was very efficient and pleasant, he made the process very easy and took care of my follow up needs with the vehicle. I would recommend this dealership and ask for AL. I am so excited with my Ford Edge.

I like the best operating of my car. It is great and the different thins Demi showed us making the adjustment more comfortable to drive. We bought a new Jeep Compass here. The staff was helpful and the inventory was pretty good.

Peter, our salesman satisfied all our wishes and needs. Financing was quick and easy. Drove home happily. The car is exactly what I wanted- no road noise, comfortable ride, easy handling and quick response. Like the radio and instrument controls and the car looks amazing. Nothing but hi 5? Seriously, these folks have the customer interests at heart. Shout out to Lucien, my go to sales consultant representative who went above and beyond to get me with the right car.

Shawn in finance, cool and calm, explained all the many forms needed to be ed. Mike in service whom I personally thank for going out of his way to support and help the customer. And to the many others behind the scene that helped with the vehicle preparation and readiness for the customer. Napleton Honda has the right formula to make your car buying experience, positive, low key, no pressure sales.

Again, I thank everyone for theie end to end professionalism. I have Chicago il used cars smaller SUV's and Trucks for over 30 years now. I have also wanted to own a full size pickup truck for most of my time as Chicago il used cars driver. This was greatly influenced by my time owning two Tacoma's beginning in They both were very durable, handled well, and had decent power. I have since upgraded the suspension to an Eibach lift kit just 2", very conservativeand added the TRD rear anti-sway bar. I will say this up front; there are better riding trucks; my son has a RAM, and it has an almost car like ride.

There are better trucks for heavy hauling and towing With all of this said, you would think that I would not have given such a high rating, however here is the punch-line. The Tundra is its own unique vehicle. It has what I would call a sportier ride, although the rear anti-sway bar is a must. Once you add the sway bar, the Tundra handles very well, and behaves like a smaller truck Power is very good, however the factory normal setting requires a little more "hoof" to get it to show its capabilities.

Many reviewers have complained about power, and having driven the other trucks, I can say that the Tundra is right in the thick of it. Many reviewers have also complained about the interior. There is where I completely do not get it.

If you want "Kid Toy", or more aggressive styling, I suppose you could make a case, but I find the interior to be very well balanced, with easy to understand ergonomics. I like the interior a lot, and would not trade it for the other des, that [to me] look a little gosh. The one thing that cannot be denied, is that fuel economy and Tundra do not go in the same sentence.

This is the main reason the the four star "Value" rating! If the mileage was better. The Tundra now has almost 9, miles on her. I really enjoy driving this truck, and the overall ownership experience has been quite good. Bottom Line: If you do not need to regularly haul over 2, lbs, or tow more than 10, lbs, if you want an easy to use, and well balanced interior, and you might just like to have a sportier truck that can still do all of the normal "truck stuff", the a Tundra just might be your truck.

Buy yourself a Tundra, add the TRD dual exhaust, and rear anti-sway bar, and have a lot of fun! Great guy Best experience I have ever had at a dealership. Thanks Nick for being a Good Guy. This car has everything we need and more. Includes sun roof, rear camera, safety braking, more. Rides great. James Hatchet took care of a tire problem I had. Professional, no hassle, got it done. James is a credit to BMW Orland.

Chicago il used cars

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