Cancer woman and pisces man love compatibility

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However, can these two sensitive creatures really create a happily ever after, or is it an illusion? Kindred Spirits. The Pisces man is the most emotional man in the zodiacand the Cancer woman is one of the most sensitive women around too. They are both likely to be slightly cautious in this relationship to begin with, but deep down they do sense a kindred spirit, and trust between them will quickly grow. Pisces man Cancer woman compatibility works because both of the partners are seeking some kind of emotional security and stability.

The Cancer woman wants a man she can rely upon when times get rough. She will quickly figure out that the Pisces man is just as likely to go to pieces as she is, if not more so. She is a mother hen, and will find that vulnerability endearing — but she already has enough people to care for; does she really need another one? The Pisces man is seeking someone who will empathize with and share his depth of imagination and emotions. The Cancer woman can and will, but she will always inject an element of reality into proceedings which he will find uncomfortable.

You see, she may be a waterjust like him, but she will do all she can to protect her family, and that means retaining one foot on dry land, just like the crab which symbolizes her. In this way, Pisces man Cancer woman compatibility is not as assured as you might think. Passionate and Sensual. The two are very sensitive souls, however, and both are very compassionate and loving.

When the union is going well, this is a lovely, sweet and tender love affair, with lots and lots of romance, and lot and lots of emotion. In order for Pisces man Cancer woman compatibility to thrive, the cardinal Cancer woman is going to have to take charge. Cancer woman and pisces man love compatibility may do this, she may not. She will take the lead when she has to, however, and can salvage this relationship single handedly if she really chooses to. Whether she will choose to or not is open to debate, however.

For his part, he will be devastated to lose his Cancer woman. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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Cancer woman and pisces man love compatibility

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