Bunk police test kit review

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I used to feel less disturbed by it than I do now, but I was younger then and I think I glorified the drugs. The people that you enjoyed the concert with turn into zombies, wobbling around high on cat tranquilizers Ketamine or stalking the sunrise on a slow comedown from their long, winding acid trip.

Ashley is beautiful, her parents are prominent government employees, and having recently graduated college, she decided to follow Phish that summer. I remember because it was my birthday, and though it had only been a few weeks, we were fast friends by the time we got to Washington. Before we entered the campground and thus the nitrouswe saw a booth situated at the entrance, the blur of a pink and purple jellyfish-like tent, all good vibes and chill tunes. We went closer, and there, nestled among food vendors, with no line and an austere aura, we found the Bunk Police, selling something entirely different: drug-testing kits.

They had Bunk police test kit review at other festivals, from the more mainstream Coachella, Bonaroo, and Wakarusa, to obscure electronic gatherings like Lightning in a Bottle and Firefly. The anonymous organization, run by volunteers, preaches harm reduction through education about misrepresented substances. Of the cocaine samples his crew tested over the summer, only one in over 30 cases even contained cocaine.

Bath Salts and other research chemicals—many of which are legal and available in bulk on the Internet—that masquerade as Molly and LSD, pose a more serious threat. Pegged as a euphoric escape from everyday issues —a free love sort of cure-all—ecstasy was originally celebrated for its therapeutic potential in the s, as with LSD in the s.

The purported success of using Molly in therapy led to its widespread use in the club scene and eventually it was made a Schedule 1 drug, meaning no further research and an institutional disregard for any of its medicinal applications.

Bunk police test kit review

I first heard of Molly inand unlike the pressed pills of ecstasy I had seen in high school, it was typically sold in white powder form and widely hyped as a much purer drug. Festival regular and drug aficionado Jordan Fisher grew up in the small California town of Baskerville, a conservative community where his father worked as a farmer. He now lives in San Diego and makes his living selling cannabis food to dispensaries. Fisher is also a friend and co-worker of Chambers; it was his connection and work with the Bunk Police that made their documentary a possibility.

Since the Bunk Police is a grass-roots organization comprised of anonymous volunteers, I was thankful to be Bunk police test kit review to get the perspective of both Fisher and Chambers, the only people I have met who have been documenting the scene in-depth. The volunteers buy the test kits in bulk from the Bunk Police website, and then sell them individually at a slightly higher mark up to anyone in need of a kit. Though he refused to talk to me for months, at times it seemed like he wanted to be interviewed; ultimately, I think he believes his anonymity is best for everyone.

As a result, I came to think of the organization as a collection of individuals doing each other a service. In our last correspondence I asked how the Bunk Police were faring, and the Captain replied with a wink. Chambers told me a story about filming a group of people in their early twenties at Sasquatch music festival over Memorial Day weekend, also at the Gorge in Washington. It becomes a vicious cycle of people trying to make their money back and then some. This is in contrast to a group like DanceSafe, who also preach harm reduction.

However, unlike the Bunk Police, DanceSafe emphasize substance education and work only with consenting festivals. They also have people send in their drugs to be tested, rather than sell kits for users to do it themselves. My friend Ashley from the Phish tour has a boyfriend named Chris. Chris now works in sales, but at the time he loved selling drugs, especially as it meant ending each workday with a Phish show. It took me a few days of hanging around to realize how they earned money. Though almost always strangers, their customers seemed more like friends, and when people asked if they could test the Acid before purchasing it, they were told they could.

I like to project a different face for the game, be somebody that you can talk to about it and ask questions. His work with the DEA consisted of intelligence analysis judicial wire-taps, looking at people in databases, analyzing movementsand strategic analysis. His work took him, along with his wife and children, from Florida to Guatemala on to Mexico.

I never thought I would get on so easily with a former DEA agent, but I instantly liked Dunagan; he comes across like a good father, one who asks the right questions. Having come to the conclusion that the US war on drugs was doing much more harm than good, Dunagan eventually quit the DEA. We also often forget about the effect our policies and consumption habits have beyond our borders. While serving in Mexico, Dunagan was shocked by the level of violence he considered intensified by US strategy.

Dunagan now works for a company that monitors government oversight, and in his spare time advocates as part of an agency known as LEAP, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. There is often an implicit assumption that drug users are the derelicts of society, so when someone dies of an overdose, it can be depicted as their fault. Overdoses only happen because of prohibition. When the War on Drugs began, casual users were often portrayed as more of a problem than addicts, and that same mentality lingers in the culture.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education —which had no evidence of being successful—take hold throughout the nation. In fact, it was D. Young people are bound to experiment, especially when Bunk police test kit review are easier to procure than alcohol.

Bunk police test kit review

The reality is that some people experiment and eventually decide that certain kinds of drugs, and drug use, are perfectly acceptable. In a broader context, the United States, of all nations in the world, is one that is particularly fond of mind-altering substances. Just ask any of our public officials who have admitted to using them, from Barack Obama to Congressman Trey Radel. The Bunk Police is a pragmatic, grass-roots campaign aimed at supplementing a failed war.

When the Bunk Police first arrived at the Gorge for Sasquatch this past May, they spent more time arguing with event organizers than selling test kits. After Sasquatch, the Gorge held the electronic festival Paradiso at the end of June, headlined by Tiesto. At present, the state of our drug scene is remarkably sobering. You can still die of large amounts of pure Molly, especially when combined with heat and dehydration, and you can still have a bad trip on actual LSD, but these drugs have an established history of use and there have been people safely using them for decades.

Phish front man Trey Anastasio could tell you a thing or two about the utter annihilation of addiction. The last night of the Gorge, long after Phish had played, my friends were looking to buy some Ketamine. Someone walked by and offered them some Ketamine. The dealer seemed drunk, not like he was on drugs, just incredibly wasted.

Absolutely thorough article from beginning to end. I have been a live music connoseur from my pre-teens to this very day, Bunk police test kit review nearing I have grown up on Phish tour, the fall of Phish tour, and the rise yet again-never sounding tighter. I have melted in-between the electronic sounds made by the live instruments of the Disco Biscuits, long before their drum off in Atlantic City. I have raved, long before EDM was a household name. There was a time when you could go to a show and buy a couple of hits of e, and they would actually be ecstasy, or you could buy a gram of Molly, and it was pure MDMA, but sadly those days are gone.

The scene has now been turned upside down. It was always music first, drugs second for me, however it is the opposite, so sad to say, nowadays. The body however, is an easy thing to poison. It is irony at its best. Sadly, all that I can do, is do what I do.

Bunk police test kit review

Pick and choose my shows, and if I do choose to indulge, know my source, and even then, test before ingest. Fore they could be fucking dying, or having a bad trip, and you could help save a life or a mind that night. Practice what you are so quick to preach. And for those that have found Phish tour, Biscuits tour, and now, the countless EDM shows and festies as your place to sell your bunk wares.

You are slinging death where the greater conscience absolutely believes in Karma, and furthermore, are being educated, by such as the Bunk Police and just your everyday brothers and sisters who have had enough of it.

Bunk police test kit review

Maybe this summer will be the summer things start to change, and we get to have our shows back, and for those that want their drugs, they will start to get their real drugs back. Well written with a common sense approach to the problem of not knowing what you are buying or taking. I would never consider trusting a complete stranger without testing a substance. I bring my own because I have a low tolerance and violent temper when it comes to those situations. Search for:.

Bunk police test kit review

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