Boy do i love eating out

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Boy do i love eating out

More importantly, if I do get the virus, I highly doubt I would die from it. My personal comfortability dining out, as I have a of times now, resides in my belief that either I needed to truly quarantine no deliveries, no grocery runs, no human contact at all or decide to accept the risk and venture into the public space. There is a very small middle ground where hypocrisy tends to exist. The experience is different with the staff often masked and menu smaller but the food was great hot and prepared as it should be versus soggy and less than the best in take out.

People laughed, spoke and god forbid hugged. Time to get back to normal. I was ready to eat at restaurants 3 months ago.

Boy do i love eating out

The idea that we should not do anything because we might get a virus is stupid. People die every day from all kinds of things, and if you really want to not go out or do anything until you are guaranteed to be safe you will never go anywhere, go check stats on car accidents. Life is not safe. Get over it and go out. I am nowhere near ready to eat at other restaurants nor am I even close I reopening my shop. I confess I have a privilege in that my business is not yet a bread winning income source for our family so I am not reliant on being open for salary, but what pressure must be on folx who are reliant!

I also like their ordering process — you order and pay online, so when the app shows you your pizza is ready, you can zip in and pick it up and be back out again in seconds. I had excellent experiences at several restaurants—from mom and pop and white table cloth. She is more a germaphobe than I am. And a mom. We both needed to get out.

So, on this beautiful almost summer afternoon, we met at Tabloa in SoNo, and while I was at first very nervous, I soon felt very comfortable.

Boy do i love eating out

Servers wore masks, cleaned table, handed out hand sanitizer if needed, and the meal and drinks were the most delicious food and beverages that I have tasted in a looonnggg time. Not only did it satisfy my taste buds and belly, but it fed my soul. I felt normal again, instead of afraid. I think everyone should, safely, go out to a restaurant for a meal al fresca. Plus, I understand that the restaurant itself would be better served if I ate quickly and allowed them to seat more tables.

Sitting in a paper protection or plastic poncho I would have brought does not make me joyous. The risk may be low but I do not want to be a guinea pig. What are your thoughts about re-opening and eating out?

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Boy do i love eating out

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