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The Yale cop who pulled a gun on an African-American undergraduate and forced him to the ground—because he allegedly matched the description of a burglar who was later caught—is African-American himself. It became national news because the student, Tahj Blow, is the son of New York Times op-ed columnist and racial-profiling critic Charles Blow, who tweeted and then wrote a Times article about it.

Salovey, Higgins and Holloway reported that Yale police are conducting an internal investigation into why the officer drew his gun on Tahj Blow. We, in turn, will share the findings with the community. We ask that you allow us the time needed to collect and examine the facts from everyone involved.

Charles Blow brought the incident, which occurred late Saturday afternoon, to national attention over the weekend with a series of Tweets. Now he has fleshed out the story. But how he was stopped. Tahj tells what happened through his father in the column.

He was leaving the library around p. Believing Tahj Blow fit the description, an officer followed him. I dropped to my knees first, with my hands raised, then laid down on my stomach. I was scared. My legs were shaking slightly. Can you step off to the side? The officer asked him to turn around so he could see the back of his jacket. My son produced his school ID from his wallet.

The officer asked more questions, and my son answered. All the while the officer was relaying this information to someone over his radio. Left out of the Yale and the Blow is whether in fact Tahj Blow fit the description. Was he wearing a hat? Tahj Blow declined to elaborate when contacted by the Independent. Yale said it might have more details to report later this week after completing an investigation. Another question that remains unanswered is the race of the police officer.

Why was he not immediately told why he was being detained? Why not ask for ID first? Had I come close to losing him? Triggers cannot be unpulled. Bullets cannot be called back. After the father started tweeting, the university started investigating. He later corrected the Tweet: His son majors in biology.

Several students reported that an individual had just entered their rooms under false pretenses, pretending to be looking for someone. See this report from the Yale Daily News. This was the description that Yale police used as they converged on Trumbull and Blk man looking to Trumbull it to track down the Blk man looking to Trumbull it.

During the efforts to locate and detain the suspect, a Yale College student, who closely matched the description of the suspect, was briefly detained and released by Yale police. The suspect, who was seen fleeing Trumbull College, was arrested shortly thereafter in Berkeley College a residential college adjacent to Trumbull College and will be charged with felony burglaries. Your :. Message: Sent: Jul 17, pm. I met them by accident at the Rose Center. Getting past another inflamitory headline If the statement by Yale is accurate, then I read a crimes have been committed, someone committed those crimes.

Students have the right to safety- no? The police follow up. I fail to see any bias on the part of the police. If they do stop one, they will be super-cautious, polite and apologetic. If the white guy acts upset that he is being stopped while innocent, there is only a small chance that police guns end up being pulled. If the kid gets upset, the guns are coming right out. Much of this, especially here in New Haven, is not conscious racism; it is unexamined, unconscious beliefs about blacks and whites.

There is a huge body of psychological evidence that purely implicit racial beliefs drive split-second decisions by almost everyone including many blacks. You have to really actively work against it to overcome it. He too is a student at Yale!

Does his safety and rights not matter? The problem is that he was stopped and questioned at gun point. He was leaving the library, walking not running, unaware that anything was going on. I hope that your level of empathy activates before you or someone you know or care about finds themselves in similar circumstances. But the reality of the situation is that you will probably never have to deal with anything of the sorts.

Not about race, about humanity, and human rights for all! I fail to see how Yale Police engaged in racial profiling by stopping someone in the vicinity who fit the description as given by Yale students. Seems Mr. Blow is way out of line with his complaint. The problem is, we need to educate our dear police officers about critical thinking, as well as cultural competency classes.

This cannot go on.

Blk man looking to Trumbull it

What I see being lost here is he was detained with guns drawn. I am at a loss at why this was needed for a routine questioning? A civilian review board is needed now and the Yale PD very obviously needs additional training. You live in the most racially divided country in the world. Integration is still a far-off dream probably not possible until the last boomer breathes his last. The police are scapegoats for a society that has discriminated against dark skin since day one. The South won the civil war in reality. Once was while a student at Harvard, just a few feet away from the library with a bookbag full of books on my back, during exam period.

What I DO know that if there was a crime committed in my neighborhood which is mostly Latino and African American and the description of the perpetrator was a elderly, heavy set African American woman, I would expect that if the police saw ME walking down the street that I would be stopped for questioning - because I fit the description.

And if my behavior in any way appeared to be threatening to the police, I would expect them to draw their weapons. Unfortunately, this is what police officers face every day. I also get anxious when I see Caucasians walking around my neighborhood because the majority of those that do are going to buy drugs at the corner I know because I watch the transactions.

Blk man looking to Trumbull it

I will be angry at those that create this level of fear in my community by their criminal activities. We have come to know through scienitic research that eyewitness s are the least relible among all the evidence available. It does not. And they should be charge with the crime. But I have also seen brutality by the police on people of color and the police get off free.

A police officer from West Hartford had pulled up across the street, exited his vehicle, and begun walking in my direction. I noted the strangeness of his being in Hartford—an entirely separate town with its own police force—so I thought he needed help. Elitist because his son worked hard to gain admittance to Yale? Elitist because he himself has worked hard to become a Times columnist? O elitist because he has the audacity to believe having a gun drawn on his son is beyond the pale?

Give me a break. Kudos to Blow for advocating for his son. Criminals are known to shed or reverse clothing when fleeing a crime. That being said, did Mr. Blow seriously forget his sons major? I would think the incredibly large, kick-in-groin biannual Yale tuition bill would be a very effective reminder.

I knew Black male students who had security called on them by other students while in their own dorms, or questioned by other students while trying to enter places on campus, or had doors Blk man looking to Trumbull it on them by students pretending not to see them. Blow is mad because his son, a Yale student, was stopped. It begins and ends Blk man looking to Trumbull it and the middle part includes entitlement and arrogance. This article is biased and inflammatory and seriously short on facts to support such bias. If my son fit the description, was in the neighborhood and was treated the same way, I would not have the same reaction.

Why does a report of burglary lead to questioning with a drawn gun? This is the fundamental problem, and why anyone with dark skin cannot stop being vigilant in the presence of an armed person—namely, the police. His elitism stems from his attitude that because his son goes to Yale, he is automatically above the lowly serfs in uniforms. He started huffing and puffing on twitter before he knew anything beyond what his son told him. And yes, a suspect was arrested and charged with several felonies. He left for the library around p. Then he left to walk back to his dorm room. I looked behind me, and noticed that the police officer was following me.

As a white parent with white children in college, this is not a scenario we worry about as much. I feel for Mr. Blow and the dangerous climate black youths must adapt to. A big part of this is racial profiling. People out there - this is an everyday common look wear for most AA people. But this is nothing but a case of racial profiling. Many of my peple are either dead or behind bars due to mistaken idenity.

Blow Family start your law suit - legally attending college while Black. Great use of that word here. Black men in this country are supposed to accept prestigious roles in and at so-called elite institutions for the purposes of advancing the roles, lives, and perspectives of the dominate culture. Whats your source of the information that the suspect was possibly armed?

If true that changes things. So one party in a confrontation is automatically, always, justified in their moves, no matter what the facts, no matter what the outcome? Are you in favor of playing football and basketball by the same rules? Robn, it was reported in some early versions of this story that the suspect was described by students as possibly having a handgun. So, I can see why YPD drew a gun. Also, does anyone have any comment on the now reported fact that the YPD officer was black himself? The officer, who himself is African American, was responding to a specific description relayed by individuals who had reported a crime in progress.

Also,does anyone have any comment on the now reported fact that the YPD officer was black himself?

Blk man looking to Trumbull it

Let me express, again, my TOTAL disrespect for someone who comes to online comment sections like this and refuse to use their names or otherwise reveal who the are, but so easliy spit opproprious comments about others. Your unwillingness or inability? All one has to do to advance racism is to believe in the superiority of one race over another and then act on that belief.

It is not unheard of for a person from a minority group to accept and adopt the perspectives of the dominate culture, even if doing so is detrimental to said persons own people. Black police officers who, for whatever reason, go along with a police culture defined by suspicion of Black men because we are Black men, do not escape the conditions and realities that promote said racism.

Blk man looking to Trumbull it

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