Best online dating songs

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I'm about to tell you all something you definitely already know: Swiping through dating apps can be exhausting. Sure, it might feel like a fun game at first. But after several hours or years of it, all those potential matches start to feel less like an opportunity and more like a disappointment waiting to happen. If you're stuck in a funk, then maybe you just need some new songs to listen to while using dating apps. A great playlist can make all the difference in keeping you motivated during a tough workout, so why wouldn't the right music improve your dating app stamina as well? Maybe you're feeling down about the of matches you're getting.

Maybe you're starting to think dating apps are a waste of your time. Maybe you're just bored. If it's not assurance enough to know that there are plenty of couples who found love on dating appsthen I've got some music to help change your mindset. After all, it's essential to start your swipe sessions feeling motivated and optimistic or else you'll just end up left-swiping every potential partner into the abyss. Ready to get your swipe on? Then cue up this playlist and prepare to feel some positive vibes.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason. Bummed about a cutie not giving you a right swipe? Just a quick reminder: Anyone who doesn't match with you doesn't know what they're missing. Yes, you may be a handful, and you may not think before you jump, but you're the only one of you, and someone is bound to appreciate you for all that you have to offer. Lizzo is the queen of self-esteem, and "Juice" can give you an ego boost no matter the occasion. It's inevitable that some matches will fall short of your expectations, but rather than telling yourself, "This is the best I'm going to get," let Lizzo remind you that you're deserving of so much more.

Remember, girl: You're not a snack at all — you're the whole damn meal. The best part of dating apps: There are so many options. The worst part: There are too many options. If you're feeling utterly overwhelmed by the endless suitors available to you, Tayla Parx can help assure you that being indecisive isn't a bad thing. OK, this ballad may be a bit dramatic for the situation at hand, but listening to Katy Perry's "Rise" is the equivalent of taking an espresso shot when it comes to perusing dating apps.

No matter how down and out you're feeling, Katy's here to assure you that "victory is in your veins" and "you will not negotiate," so ignore that self-doubt and keep plugging away. Just like "Rise," this song is all about triumphing through challenges and coming out on the other side stronger. The most important rule of dating apps: Take chances rather than taking it all too seriously. As Machine Gun Kelly and Hailee Steinfeld will remind you, the possibility of failure shouldn't scare you away. All you can do is keep going and keep your head up. Ariana Grande may have intended "thank u, next" to be an ode to her exes, but you can also use this song as your personal dating app anthem.

Remember that you have the power in your hands. If someone doesn't feel like a good match for you, then say, "Thank you, next," and swipe them Best online dating songs. You have all the power, girl. Maybe you find dating apps difficult because you're haunted by an ex. Maybe a potentially promising match let you down. Whatever the source of your pain, Sia's "Never Give Up" can give you the boost you need to keep on swiping. As exhausting and frustrating as dating apps can be at times, they're also full of promise, as anyone could potentially be The One.

In "One Kiss," Dua Lipa sings about an Best online dating songs that unexpectedly blossoms into something real and exciting, and as she'll remind you, sometimes one right swipe is all it takes to discover the possibilities.

Don't let dating apps get you down. Listening to these inspiring songs might just give you the positive vibes you need to keep on swiping. By Corinne Sullivan. Search Close.

Best online dating songs

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Tinder hasn’t brought me love, but damn, it's been great for my Spotify playlists