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I think about pounds now? Send me a picture of the scale. This, or some variation of it, more often than not, was the introduction to most conversations during my four plus years on gay dating apps. My name is Robby! There are the daddies: the over 40s with chest hair, salt and pepper beards, and steady incomes. There are the muscle jocks, muscle bears same as muscle jocks, just hairy all overotters thin men with Bear cub dating bodiesand so many more.

But my group? My label? I was always a big. So, hearing the word now, it strikes me as difficult to understand how it could be seen in a positive light. Enter: Chasers. My Life As A Fetish. When I started my gay life, I thought there were two types of gay: gay men, and lesbian women. I simply started my gay life as a gay man. I have a past, a present, and a future. This became way too apparent to me in the recent past when a GIF was made of me standing outside a pool with my stomach shaking. For big people, it takes a lot of courage to take our shirts off in public. Some have told me I should just be happy someone found me attractive enough to film me.

Sure, pipedreams in a culture obsessed with looks, but still. I want to be seen as more than a on a scale. My favorite conversations online happened when someone would send me a message asking for photos or immediately asking me to have sex with them. Excuse me, sir, but you messaged me first. The Events. Some people use the events to send their legs shooting up into the air, but most of us go to socialize, make new friends, and drink in a swimming pool.

I used to look down on these events. Now, after experiencing them, I see them in a different light. You never see a condom ad with a guy over pounds in it. Still, even the actor, Eric Stonestreet, has been losing weight in the last few years. I want to explore the inner-feelings of chubs and chasers, how they think, how they view themselves, and learn more about what motivates them one way or the other.

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Bear cub dating

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