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It takes a little help from Bella for them to admit their feelings… leaving the small matter of telling their families! Next week, the awkwardness between Ryder and Chloe continues in full force. The pair do their best to avoid each other, even during their shared working hours at Salt, despite their feelings clearly being mutual.

Before she even has a chance to finish her thought, Ryder makes his move. Now the only thing standing in their way is their friends and family. He knows if they reveal the truth too soon, Nikau will realise that he lied to him.

Wanting to keep things firmly under wraps, Ryder and Chloe even organise a fake argument, storming past Nikau and Bella in the Surf Club, throwing their usual array of insults at each other, and making them believe that their hatred for each other is still strong. However, the plan backfires and their fake hatred only makes things worse when Nik inevitably discovers the truth. The next evening, with Nik and Bells in a good mood as they wait for a takeaway pizza at Salt, Chloe decides the time is right to tell them. They share a make-up kiss on the balcony… just as Nikau comes out to say goodbye.

Thankfully by the next morning, Bella has worked her magic. Elsewhere, there are concerns for another new couple. Amber has liked Dean ever since their childhood in Mangrove River, but the feeling was never mutual. While they shared a fair few one night stands, including the one that resulted in little Jai, Dean never saw Amber as anything serious. They shared a kiss last week, as Dean told her that she was the one for him. As Chloe and Ryder found out, things never stay hidden for long in Summer Bay, and they soon find themselves having to explain their new relationship to their close friends.

Willow is concerned. She brought Amber back to the bay so that Dean could reunite with his April home and away dating, but she never expected anything to happen between him and Amber — she thought that ship had well and truly sailed. She worries what it would mean for Dean if they break up — would Amber just move back into the spare room as if it had never happened?

Or could he lose Jai all over again? Susie pockets tens of thousands of dollars and makes her getaway, leaving a wake of destruction affecting half of Summer Bay. …. Justin and Leah discover all is not as it seems. Bella drops her guard. Chloe and Ryder confess April home and away dating feelings. Justin and Leah discover some unsettling news. Ari finds out the truth about Mia.

Willow and Bella reconnect. Dean prepares for the surf comp with Jai. Ryder and Chloe continue their undercover relationship. Mia and Ari turn a corner. Susie makes her getaway. Alf unearths a scandal that could rock the Bay. Sparks fly when Chloe pushes Ryder to tell the truth. Mackenzie comes to a decision about her pregnancy. Registered in England and Wales. All rights reserved. Terms of use Privacy Policy Built by Rusticated. up to the Back to the Bay newsletter and receive weekly news and spoilers direct to your inbox.

If they can keep the secret a bit longer, then perhaps they can avoid that. With that out of the way, it just leaves one final hurdle… telling Ari! Can he make it work? Tuesday 27th April Episode Justin and Leah discover some unsettling news. Wednesday 28th April Episode Dean prepares for the surf comp with Jai.

Thursday 20th April Episode Alf unearths a scandal that could rock the Bay. Spoilers in your inbox every weekend! Subscribe Now!

April home and away dating

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