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Police investigative reports obtained by WBEZ show a former Chicago Blackhawks assistant coach later convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a Michigan youth was investigated for other possible unwanted sexual contact with minors and young adult men, but the team failed to aid that probe.

The unreported law enforcement documents obtained through an open-records request also reveal new details about the sexual conduct case that landed Bradley Aldrich on a sex-offender registry and point to ly unknown past alleged misconduct by Aldrich at Miami University of Ohio. And in his first public comments about Aldrich, a former player who alleged in a lawsuit that the ex-coach sexually assaulted him in and the Blackhawks covered it up, told WBEZ Monday the trauma caused mental health issues. Those litigants are referred to only in court papers as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2.

Adult want sex Aldrich

Any publication of untrue material by WBEZ will be treated as libelous. They said they are not cooperating at all [with the lawsuits]. In disturbing and explicit detail, the police report outlines ways in which Aldrich would allegedly host teens at his home, where he allowed them to drink. He also allegedly bought alcohol for minors, allowed use of his vehicle and, in the case of the boy he was convicted of attacking, offered a promotion on the school hockey team. One case involved a year-old boy who told police that Aldrich picked him up at a county fair. Another instance cited in the report related to a troubled youth who at one point was housed in a juvenile detention facility.

No charges arose from that case. A male, whose name is redacted, told police that he had known Aldrich since he was a freshman, when Aldrich was coaching. The male told police that at the gathering, Aldrich allegedly put his hand in the shorts of a girl beside him.

Adult want sex Aldrich

No charges came from the incident. Police did not appear to speak directly with the girl, according to the report.

Adult want sex Aldrich

The Houghton Police Department did not comment for this story, including why no charges were brought in any of these instances. Aldrich pleaded guilty in to criminal sexual conduct with that former student. Loggans said if the Blackhawks had taken action against Aldrich at the time her first client reported him, they could have prevented other alleged incidents from occurring.

The identity of the ex-Blackhawks player has not been made public, and Loggans did not reveal his name when WBEZ posed questions to him through her on Monday. Meanwhile, the Michigan police report obtained by WBEZ has new details about the nature of the criminal sexual conduct Aldrich was convicted of committing against John Doe 2. Aldrich was originally charged with a felony but ultimately pleaded to a misdemeanor.

The report indicated the high school hockey player told police he had had four or five beers and a mixed drink at an end-of-season party Aldrich attended in a private residence.

Adult want sex Aldrich

The report said the boy told police that Aldrich repeatedly texted him after the encounter and said he wanted to meet the player again in person. The police officer who interviewed the player asked him how it felt for Aldrich to have repeatedly attempted unwanted sexual advances against him. After the teen was interviewed, police contacted Aldrich, who agreed to speak with investigators. That began with an acknowledgment from Aldrich that he engaged in sexual acts with the boy.

When Houghton police contacted Notre Dame to ask about why he left, the university would only confirm he had been employed but requested a subpoena for more information. A spokesman for the university told WBEZ this week that it found no formal record of complaints against Aldrich.

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Adult want sex Aldrich

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Blackhawks file motion to dismiss lawsuit from Michigan high schooler assaulted by Bradley Aldrich