Addictive relationship cycle

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Many of us have experienced a romantic connection that can be likened to an addiction to a substance, Addictive relationship cycle alcohol or drugs. These relationships often start on a high where we feel excited, exhilarated, understood, heard, and like we have found our soulmate. This type of connection may trigger a part of ourselves that fears abandonment, wants to feel needed or rescued by another, and can produce overwhelming feelings that we may not be familiar with. When the honeymoon stage of a relationship like this wears off or a breakup happens, we can often feel deflated, abandoned, worthless, and hopeless.

This can create a cycle where we actively try to recapture those feelings by engaging in unhealthy behaviors such as:. These types of unhealthy relationship patterns can be difficult to break free from, but here are some ways to start regaining our self-worth and sense of identity:. Heather Nolin, MC, is experienced in the areas of anxiety and self-esteem, plus many more. Addictive relationships: What are they and how do we break free from them?

Addictive relationship cycle

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The Purpose of Addictive Relationships