7.2 channel receiver with 5.1 speakers

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. All of our representatives are currently chatting with other customers. For Tech Support, call Read bio. International woman of mystery with an eye for composition and an ear for surround sound. A lot of people at Crutchfield know me for my photography expertise. I've spent years developing my camera skills and countless hours post-processing photos, so there isn't much I couldn't tell you about how to create amazing images. The cool part is once you have all the techy stuff down and even if you don't!

I also happen to know a whole lot about home theater. As the daughter of an extreme movie buff, most of the Saturday afternoons of my childhood were spent getting lost in stories, being immersed in sights and sounds in a dark theater. So I've always had a preference for 7.2 channel receiver with 5.1 speakers movie sound. My dad had the first real surround sound system I ever saw, way back in the 90s. And he got me my first little home theater in a box sometime in the early aughts.

When I started at Crutchfield, one of the first things I did was buy a big TV and set up a brand new 5. And I've been happily writing about cameras and awesome audio gear since ing the Crutchfield writing team in Another thing about me: I'm an animal nut. I currently have a dog, six cats, and four fish. So I thought it was 7.2 channel receiver with 5.1 speakers great when we started carrying Smart Pet products in I got to be part of the Crutchfield Unleashed launch team.

Writing about animals and testing out products to improve their quality of life gives me serious job satisfaction. But a receiver can give you a lot more than that. A home theater receiver also known as an AV receiver brings immersive, theater-like surround sound to your living room. It acts as a connection hub for a variety of audio, video, and internet streaming sources.

And it uses video processing and surround sound decoding to make movies and TV look and sound their best. A receiver routes incoming video als from your cable box, Blu-ray player, and other devices to your TV. At the same time, it directs the audio from these devices to your speakers.

Home theater receivers have built-in multi-channel amplifiers to power a full complement of surround sound speakers. How much power do you need? The ideal wattage for your receiver depends on the size of your room and the power requirements of your speakers. To get the clearest sound with minimal distortion, aim for the high end of this range. Most of your gear will connect to your receiver via HDMI cableswhich carry both audio and video als. To allow for system expansion, get a receiver that has more HDMI inputs than you need right now.

Want to connect two TVs? Look for a receiver that has more than one HDMI output. Check out our article on multi-zone video for more information. Got a turntable? For the easiest connection, look for a receiver with a dedicated phono input. For trickier scenarios, see our article on how to connect a turntable to a receiver. We usually recommend receivers with at least seven channels. They use in-ceiling speakers or special up-firing speakers to project sound from the ceiling.

Want to listen to music out on the patio? Get a seven-channel receiver and you can use five channels for surround sound and two channels to hook up a pair of stereo speakers outdoors or in another room. See our article on how to power a multi-room music system for details. You may need to think about how your current living room setup will accommodate an AV receiver.

See our receiver placement tips and our small home theater ideas article for some helpful suggestions. Not sure where your speakers will go? We've got speaker placement tips for all sorts of rooms. A slimline receiver like the Marantz NR left is about half the height of a typical home theater receiver right.

It's perfect when space is at a premium. AV receivers are great for hooking 7.2 channel receiver with 5.1 speakers all kinds of audio components, but your music choices don't stop there. Receivers that have built-in Bluetooth let you play anything you want from a Bluetooth-equipped phone, tablet, or computer. Home theater receivers can reproduce top-quality audio, so naturally most of them are compatible with popular high-resolution audio formats like FLAC and DSD. Many receivers work with multi-room music platforms that let you stream music to compatible wireless speakers you have set up throughout your home.

You can create different zones and control what's playing in each room with an app on your phone or by using voice commands. If you want your receiver to be part of a wireless multi-room music systemyou have quite a few options. The current list is as follows:. Customers have been asking us about wireless surround sound for years, so we're very excited that technology has finally advanced enough to make it a reality.

All Yamaha MusicCast receivers from on support wireless surround sound with the addition of MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 wireless speakers. The remote controls included with most home theater receivers have extensive options for switching sources and dialing in settings. Many remotes have "scene" buttons, which are presets for specific activities like watching TV or listening to the FM radio.

Press a scene button to select the source and all the settings you need to enjoy it. Scene-button shortcuts make life easy for guests, babysitters, or anyone else who doesn't want to learn how to operate your system. Receivers typically come with a few pre-programmed scenes. You can easily edit them and add 7.2 channel receiver with 5.1 speakers ones. Convenient "Scene" buttons on a receiver's remote let you quickly fire up your favorite sources and settings.

Just about every AV receiver with network capability offers a free app to use your phone or tablet as a remote. They make it easy to switch sources, adjust the volume, tweak settings, and stream music from online sources. You can choose which rooms to play music in, and select the music for each room.

Voice control integration adds a new level of convenience to today's home theater receivers. When you don't have your phone or remote handy, you can just speak. Some receiver models support voice control with Amazon Alexaand others support Google Home voice control.

Whichever your preference, you can use verbal commands to:. Whether you use Alexa or Google Home, voice control functionality is constantly improving. Alexa is always acquiring new skills and the Google Assistant gets smarter all the time. Have questions about hooking up your new receiver? Check out our setup guide. Need help choosing the right receiver?

Get in touch with one of our Advisors. Our expert Advisors know the gear inside and out. Your Advisor can send specific Crutchfield s to your screen, saving you a lot of browsing time. You'll get a shopping cart loaded up with everything you need for your home theater. Free lifetime tech support is included with your Crutchfield purchase.

My concern is "do I need an HT receiver to get awesome sound? I currently have a decade old Denon AVR receiver, a pair of Ohm front speakers and a pair of wide range Niles in the ceiling. I love my Ohm Walsh driver speakers 6 ohm and the soundfield they produce, but I can't figure out if the TVs have enough ooomph to drive them, how I would attach them, and if that would kill the efficacy of the fancy audio.

I've noticed a lot of comments on issues with the eARC connections. So, do I need a receiver and my trusty Ohmscan I get by with the built in sound, or is there something I'm missing in all the new technology? Why are the home theater receivers not in the stores yet? When should we expect to start seeing them? Very helpful as I am 88 yrs old and know a fraction of what a modern adult knows. Thank you for the informative primer. I continue to work my way through the technology maze and tradeoffs to determine what I need versus the bells and whistles. It happens at night and around 9am mornings.

Got any reason why or an idea to fix this? Why do receivers use non-standard vertical spacing for speaker connection? Thus requiring visibility of both the jacks and plugs to avoid messing up the polarity. I view this as a major defect in de and a major risk in setup. Dual banana plugs have a ground tab that can easily and tactilely identify polarity. Both my HT receiver Marantz and office desktop receiver Yamaha share this defect. And yes I am a practicing EE with decades of common practice with industrial engineers - and I bought both of them from Crutchfield.

Do any of the HT receivers handle the spoken word better than others? With all of the Brit tv shows now available, it's sometimes hard to follow the dialogue. Thanks for this article. My first audio system was a vacuum tube console Curtis Mathis stereo my parents bought in Thanks for helping an old man the 21st Century. I would expect no less from Crutchfield. OK, here's a basic question you've probably answered a million times before, but I just can't seem to find any information.

I'd like to invest in a single system with just one receiver, two tower speakers and two rear speakers. What's the simplest approach? My Pyle continues to shut down at high volume. Don't have a trustworthy ohm reader so not sure where problem exists. I've tried to be careful in series wiring of 2 4ohm for 8 ohm load but? You guys sound Awesome, when it come to knowing electronics. I will be contacting you in the near future, concerning a receiver for my home ,and a replacement system for my 01 Chevy Tahoe.

Thanks in advance. How often does Yamaha update their pre-amp models? Thankyouwould make life easier shopping. I'm wanting a reciever that can handle 6 sets of speakers and 2 powered subwoofers ,bluetooth and wifi capable. Is there anything like that? Que bocinas principales watts debo comprar para mi Onkio tx-rz wpch ya que compre las Polk Audio rtia7 w y no las mueve, no puedo usar mi equipo??

Thanks for providing your customers this forum so that they may buy a product with confidence. The quality of the Digital Broadcast is so superior to the old analog al. I like that you mentioned that the placement of the speakers of your home theater are very important. My wife and I are looking to get a theater system, and it is important for us to be able to be confident in our placement. I will be sure to place the speakers in the correct places, so we can have the best experience possible.

I will take issue with the comment on speakers and amplifier power. I agree with the article on this, although I don't think it was presented well in the article.

7.2 channel receiver with 5.1 speakers

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